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The Invisible Shrinking Middle Class and How to Help Them

There is a group of people who are invisible to the government and their needs are not being met. They are ineligible for any type of government assistance, but they still need support. They don’t have enough money to be considered wealthy and earn too much money to be considered poor, but still need a helping hand. They live check to check and don’t make enough money to get ahead.

This group is the invisible shrinking middle class.

The middle class is struggling.

This is not news. But what is news—what should be news but isn't—is that the people who are struggling are not in poverty. They are not homeless; they are not starving.

They are doing everything they can to make ends meet, and it's just not working.

They aren't lazy or unmotivated; they just don't have access to the kinds of opportunities that would allow them to climb out of their financial hole—and they never will until we start putting our resources into helping them succeed.

The middle class is the backbone of our economy. They work two jobs at times, pay taxes, all while doing their best just to get by. In some cases, they are taking on debt just to keep their heads above water.

Why Should the Community Care

It's a problem for America—when people feel like they can't make ends meet, it impacts everything from their ability to buy a house to their ability to invest in their children's education, which impacts the American economy.

And it's a problem for the community— when people feel they can't make ends meet, they are more likely to turn to crime and other destructive behaviors. If more people are struggling, they are less likely to contribute to their community.

Part of the problem is the rising housing costs.

House prices are rising much faster than household incomes. People in the middle-income bracket spend more on housing than they did two decades ago, making it the largest single item in their budgets.

This is a problem because homes are one of the most important things that people can own—it's an investment that can grow and develop as you do professionally and personally. It's also a great way to build a legacy of financial stability in your community.

But if you don't earn enough money nor qualify for assistance from the government, how can you afford to buy a home?

That is where Beahive's Rent-To-Own program comes in! Our program allows middle-income families to rent houses at affordable rates while putting money down on them over time until they own them completely. This builds equity for families who otherwise would not be able to afford buying their homes outright and gives them a chance to create financial stability for themselves and their families.

Our solution will help more families get ahead. With more homeowners, these families have access to an asset that will give them financial leverage. Owning a home gives people, a sense of attachment to their neighborhoods, which could make them positive contributors to their community.

To learn more about Beahive Housing Outreach Inc., click here to get in touch with our team and learn more about the work that we do.

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